11-13TH OCTOBER 2019




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From Wonder to Action: the Journey of Digital Scholarship

#BUDSC19 is committed to expanding the definition of digital scholarship to be more inclusive across diverse communities, both inside and outside of academia. The conference will bring together a broad community of practitioners–faculty, researchers, librarians, artists, educational technologists, students, administrators, and others–engaged in digital scholarship both in research and teaching who share an interest in the journey of digital scholarship. We look forward to building on the success of the last five years, in which we came together to discuss challenges, share working models, reflect on projects, and inspire new avenues for actively including students in scholarly pursuits.

Join us to discuss the Journey of Digital Scholarship, where wonder leads to action.


With 3600 Undergraduate students, Bucknell University is a national university where liberal arts and professional programs complement each other.


In 2019, the Bucknell University Digital Scholarship Conference is celebrating its sixth year.


Library & Information Technology at Bucknell University is proud to host #BUDSC19. View our digital scholarship portfolio here.


We are committed to providing an environment where all participants feel safe, included, and comfortable at the conference.


Jane Alexander

Chief Digital Information Officer for The Cleveland Museum of Art


Jane Alexander is the Chief Digital Information Officer for The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA). As CIO, Jane is responsible for creating awe-inspiring and iterative digital projects that support a vision of innovation, technology implementation, and digital transformation that best exemplifies the mission of CMA. With an eye toward organizational transformation, Jane spearheads the strategy, concept, design, and implementation of interactive experiences. Additionally, she leads the department that oversees applications, technical, media and support services.

Since 2012, Jane has led the many iterations of ARTLENS Gallery, the multi-faceted, innovative experience that inspires visitors to the museum to look closer and dive deeper in order to establish a connection with the museum’s extensive collection. Using award winning and cutting edge digital technology, the ARTLENS Gallery seamlessly integrates fun and learning while endowing visitors with helpful skills to enhance their appreciation of the art throughout the museum. In 2019, Jane led the CMA’s comprehensive Open Access initiative, which allows the public to share, collaborate, remix, and reuse high resolution images of 30,000 public- domain artworks and metadata for 61,000 artworks for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Both of these projects have won numerous national and international awards and have been featured in a wide variety of national publications.

Jean Leggett

CEO, One More Story Games


Jean is the CEO and co-founder of games & edtech startup One More Story Games. Alongside games veteran and husband of 23 years, Jean and Blair have developed a simplified publishing platform to help non-coding storytellers create and publish narrative games. Their vision is to re-engineer literacy through video games. They’ve raised over $500,000 since the company’s inception in 2013.

Jean received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Simon Fraser University, has been a certified professional coach since 2010, and has spoken to international audiences since 2005 as a motivational speaker, educator and stand-up comedian. She’s also the lead writer on a game adaptation of #1 NYT bestselling author Charlaine Harris’ Lily Bard series about a sexual trauma survivor dealing with PTSD while solving crimes. Jean is currently teaching a post-graduate class on Story, Missions & Quests at Sheridan College in their video game design program.

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